VEVOR Portable Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine Scrap Cable Stripper

VEVOR Portable Powered Electric Wire Stripping Machine Scrap Cable Stripper

This machine is easy to operate and convenient to carry, can process single core copper wire, twin cores copper wire.

1. Comparing the wires’diameters with the feeding holes on the machine, feeding the wires one piece at one time. Before feeding the wires, please cut off the head of the wires, to avoid gaps caused to the blades.
2. On the output side, if the cuts on the wires are too deep, please check below points:
①Please adjust the handles on the input side, screw down or lose them. (M12 handles)
②Check whether the wires on the right position as you feeding them.
③Make sure the blades are sharp if not, polish them with the oil stone.
3. On the output side, if see the plastic(PVC)has been stripped, but the copper wires can not be disgorged, please check below 4 points:
①Polish the axis of the upside with the oil stone.
②Check whether the springs are loose, if yes, screw down to make them tighten.
③The diameter of the wires are too small, please adjust the space between the two axes to 0.3-0.6mm.
④If the wires you want to strip are hot, also can not get the copper wires stripped out.
4. If the wires were blocked in the axes, please check below points:
①If the springs on the press wheels are too tight, lose them.
②There is too much oil on the cables/wires, please wipe it.
5. If the blades tilted:
①Check whether the center adjuster was loosed.
②Centering adjustment and adjust the screws of two sides of it.

Make sure the wires’diameter is similar to the feeding holes, large wires in large feeding holes, small wires in small feeding holes, flat wires in flat feeding holes.

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