VEVOR Drain Cleaner Machine Electric Drain Auger 15m x 13mm Cable 370W w/Cutters

VEVOR Drain Cleaner Machine Electric Drain Auger 15m x 13mm Cable 370W w/Cutters

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50’ x 1/2’’ Drain Auger Pipe Cleaner
We can understand the feeling of helplessness and anxiety when you face clogged toilets, sinks, and floor drains in households, offices, or other public places. Therefore, we made this 50 ft electric drain cleaner for everyone who needs it. The machine is compact and portable and includes four shapes of cutters for different use. The cable is made of manganese steel, promising long service life.

1/2 in. x 50 ft Mn Steel Core Cable
Convenient Changeover Switch
Four Heavy-duty Casters
Four Shapes of Cutters
Features & Details

【MN-STEEL SOLID CORE CABLE】- Responding to potential problems like breakages, tangles, and corrosion, we chose manganese steel to forge solid-core cable for our sewer machine. By doing so, we ensure that the cable, with specs of 50 ft x 1/2 in. (15 m x 13 mm), can easily go through complex and crooked pipes to remove the blockages while its toughness will be maintained after a long run. More than that, its astounding flexibility can also breezily achieve multiple 90-degree bends in pipes.
【SIMPLE MANEUVER BY ONE SWITCH & PEDAL】- For the sake of easy maneuver, we’ve simplified the operation of the machine into merely two buttons—a changeover switch and a pedal switch. You are allowed to change the cable movement’s direction to stretch it out or shrink it back just by turning the changeover switch. The air-activated foot switch included helps you control the cable with less effort.
【FOUR CASTERS FOR EASY TRANSPORT】- This whole drain pipe cleaner is light enough to be called portable. Moreover, we’ve prepared extra casters for you to realize literally effortless transport during uses, especially when you need to carry it from one place to another by hands.
【CUTTERS IN FOUR DIFFERENT SHAPES】- The package of the plumbing snake drain auger includes four different shapes of cutters to cope with different situations: boring-bulb cutters, c-cutters, spade cutters, and arrow cutters.
【AN IDEAL TOOL FOR UNCLOGGING VARIOUS PIPES】- VEVOR’s electric drain auger is wildly popular in households, offices, and other public places. It is a professional drain cleaning tool to unclog toilets, sinks, floor drains, and other pipes from 2’’ / 51 mm to 4’’ / 102 mm in diameter.
Clean Pipe Diameter: 2’’ – 4’’ / 51 mm – 102 mm
Voltage: 220V
Drum Material: Mn-Steel
Motor: 370W Forward / Reverse
Speed: 700 r/min
Cable Length: 50 ft / 15 m
Cable Diameter: 1/2’’ / 13 mm
Cutter kit: 5pcs Universal Slotted
Powered Cable Feed: Yes
Protection class: IP44

Package Content
1 x Drain Cleaning Machine
1 x 5 Auger Bits Sets
1 x Gloves
2 x Hoses

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