VEVOR Continuous Bag Band Sealing Machine Band Sealer Machine Horizontal FR900K

VEVOR Continuous Bag Band Sealing Machine Band Sealer Machine Horizontal FR900K

Continuous Horizontal Band Sealer FR900K
Our continuous horizontal band sealer is for packing and sealing dry goods and suitable for sealing and bag-making various plastic and compound films. The machine uses an electronic constant temperature mechanism and a step-less speed adjusting transmission mechanism, making it ideal for the assembly line. You can print the production date, logo, etc., in the film simultaneously. The control panel is updated with an advanced temperature meter and counting function.

Features & Details

【EXCELLENT SEALING PERFORMANCE】 – Sealing Width: 6-15 mm. Film Thickness: 0.02-0.08 mm. Sealing Speed: 0-16 m/min. The sealing length is unlimited. This band sealer fits different seal assembly lines with its stable and efficient performance. It is suitable for sealing dry goods.
【CONVENIENT PRINTING】 – This auto sealer can seal all kinds of length size and have different sealing pattern effects. Equipped with an embossing wheel and a printing wheel, it can print date, remark, time, logo simultaneously. The pressure is adjustable.
【DURABLE MATERIAL】 – The continuous sealer has an all-metal construction with durable electrostatic paint treatment, solid and wear-resistant. The heating block and cooling block are made of pure copper. And the sealer adopts premium iron gears, durable for long-term use. Two handles make it a portable machine.
【CONTROL PANEL & COUNTING】 – An easy-to-operate control panel with a digital display temperature control meter makes the operation simple and convenient. Temperature Range: 0 – 400 °C. Besides, it has the function of automatic counting with a photoelectricity counter.
【WIDE APPLICATION】 – This kind of seal machine is suitable for sealing plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, compound bags in the medicine industry, agricultural chemicals, food, etc.

Model: FR900K
Pattern: Horizontal
Voltage: 220V/50 Hz
Heating power: 700W
Seal width: 6-15 mm/0.24-0.59 inch
Sealing speed: 0-16 m/min
Sealing thickness: 0.02-0.08 mm/0.0008-0.03 inch
Temperature control range: 0 – 400 °C/32 ℉ – 752 ℉
Conveyor Load: Max. 5.0 kg
Number of printing: ≤39pcs
Motor Power: 80W
Function: Sealing, Printing, Counting

Package Content

1 x Sealing Machine
1 x Box of Printing Accessories(≤105pcs)
1 x Embossing Wheel, Printing Wheel
1 x Power Supply Wire
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wrench
1 x Kit Of Necessary Accessories

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