Vevor Commercial Ice Maker Ice Machine 310lb/24h Built-in Ice Cube Maker 108pcs

Vevor Commercial Ice Maker Ice Machine 310lb/24h Built-in Ice Cube Maker 108pcs

Vevor Commercial Ice Maker Ice Machine 310lb/24h Built-in Ice Cube Maker 108pcs
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Features & Details

[HIGH YIELD ICE MACHINE]- Fueled by the 650W SECOP compressor, VEVOR’s commercial ice maker features high ice yield, producing about 310 lbs (140 kg) every 24 hours with its 108 PCs built-in ice tray. The ice storage space reaches 100 lbs (45 kg). Each ice-making cycle takes 10-13 minutes, which will determine whether the ice cubes are thicker or thinner. Different thicknesses serve different purposes.
[STURDY & COMPACT BODY]- Composed of all stainless steel shell, thickened Cyclopentane integral foaming layer, and food-grade PP liner, this commercial ice machine will provide you with eye-pleasing rust & wear-resistant exterior and reliable heat insulation effect. The former can enhance the durability and stability of the ice maker, while the latter will effectively prevent the ice cubes from melting quickly.
[SMART PANEL CONTROL]- This commercial ice maker is equipped with a practical operation panel with an LCD, integrating multiple functions. You can adjust the thickness of ice cubes by increasing or decreasing ice-making time and press the buttons to start automatic cleaning and select the mode. Besides, the panel contains functional indicators, including full ice stop, refrigeration, auto ice fall, error reminders, etc.
[EASY TO CONNECT & USE]- Our ice cube maker comes with a water filter (two rolls of filter paper included), featuring easy connection and reliable filtration. Aided by the junction device, which can turn the tap water into drinkable pure water, the ice machine would work properly in different places wherever the water supply and power cord are ready. A drainage pipe has been connected to the outlet for draining off the remaining water.
[WELL-DESIGNED DETAILS]- The water channel is detachable for easy cleaning. Eight adjustable feet in two specifications, easy to install and regulate, are provided for meeting your different height demands. The interior LED lighting allows you to observe the ice maker inside and operate in the dark. The hook fixed on the inner wall is convenient to hang the ice scoop. P.S. Two ice scoops are available to facilitate ice fetching.

Model: ICM-270P
Material: Stainless Steel+Polypropylene+Glass
24H Ice Yield: 310 lb (140 kg)/24H
Ice Storage Capacity: 100 lb (45 kg)
Cycle of Ice-Making: 10-13 min
Built-in Ice Tray: 108 PCs (6×18)
Ice Cube Size: 0.9”x0.9”x0.9” (22x22x22 mm)
Voltage: 110V/60HZ
Rated Power: 650W
Refrigerant: R404
Cooling Type: Air Cooling
Dimensions: 27.6”x28.7”x29.5” (700 x 730 x 750 mm)
Weight: 136.7 lb (62 kg)
Package Content

1 x Commercial Ice Maker
1 x Filter (w/ 2 Rolls of Filter Paper)
2 x Ice Scoops
8 x Adjustable Feet
1 x User Manual

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