VEVOR Commercial Ice Cream Machine Soft Serve Machine 3 Flavors Ice Cream Maker

VEVOR Commercial Ice Cream Machine Soft Serve Machine 3 Flavors Ice Cream Maker

Features & Details

【HIGH ICE CREAM YIELD & 3 FLAVORS】- Our commercial ice cream maker machine adopts two enlarged 12 L food-grade stainless steel hoppers and two 1.6 L freezing cylinders, efficiently handling a high demand for ice creams. It can make three flavors for various tastes, including two single flavors and one mixed. You can also pour in milk thick liquid to make ice creams. With the updated system, this machine can continuously produce 20 ice creams at once, and the interval is only 2 minutes.
【INTELLIGENT LCD PANEL】- This three-flavor ice cream machine is easy to operate with an intelligent LCD display. Various parameters displayed on the screen allow you to control the process well, including ice cream hardness, the quantity of ice cream, voltage, cooling temperature, etc. You can freely modulate these parameters according to your different tastes. Besides, it is specially configured with an ingredient-shortage alarm.
【HIGHLY EFFICIENT BRAND COMPRESSOR】- It has a high production of 40 L/H. There are double premium compressors equipped to support the pre-cooling function and ice cream making. The highly efficient 2500 W brand compressors feature rapid cooling, low energy consumption, and low noise. Meanwhile, R404a and R134a refrigerants make ice cream production more energy-efficient. Furthermore, our soft serve ice cream maker is built with heavy-duty stainless steel for great durability and longevity.
【DURABLE STRUCTURE & INTIMATE DETAILS】- This professional ice cream maker machine also pays attention to the details. It is designed with air vents on all sides for excellent air cooling and heat dissipation so that you can place it wherever you like. The detachable drip tray and side drip tray are designed for easy cleaning and sanitary workplace. Four universal wheels make the ice-cream maker easy to move, and two of them have brakes for stability.
【VARIOUS APPLICATIONS】- Normal ambient temperatures of 60 °F to 75 °F. The high production and large capacity make our 3-flavor soft serve ice cream machine ideal for commercial use, especially for bars, cafes, milk-tea stores, dessert shops, western-style restaurants, fruit juice bars, hotels, bakeries, etc.
Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine
Constructed from a stainless steel body with 2 enlarged stainless-steel hoppers with 12 L capacity, our commercial three-flavor soft ice cream machine can handle a large group. Besides, with updated technology, this ice cream maker can make ice creams with milk thick liquids and produce more than 20 pieces continuously one time. High yield, high profit! The machine is designed to operate at normal ambient temperatures of 60℉ to 75℉. It is perfect for cold drink chain stores, bars, fast food stores, and other catering industries.

Production: 40 L/H / 10.6 Gal/H
Hopper Capacity: 12 L x 2 / 3.2 Gal x 2
Freezing Cylinder Capacity: 1.6 L x 2 / 0.4 Gal x 2
Rated Power: 2500 W
Voltage: 1 Phase, 220V/60Hz
Refrigerant: R404a, R134a
Beater Material: Stainless Steel Blade
Forming Temperature: -30~-35℃ / -22~-31℉
Normal Ambient Temperature: 15~23℃ / 60~75℉
Item Weight: 419 lbs / 190 kg
Item Dimensions: 55 x 65 x 134 cm/22 x 26 x 53 inch

Package Content

1 x Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine
1 x User Manual
1 x Set of Installation Tools

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