VEVOR CNC 3018 Engraving Machine

VEVOR CNC 3018 Engraving Machine

VEVOR CNC 3018 Engraving Machine
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CNC 3018 Engraving Machine
Easy to Use & Upgrade Material & Complete Accessories
This CNC engraving machine with an effective working area of 11.8(X)x7.1(Y)x1.8(Z) inches is made of aluminum and bakelite. It features a USB port, GRBL control board, and an offline controller, convenient for you to operate efficiently with/without computers. It is an ideal tool to engrave all types of plastics, soft aluminum, wood, PVC, etc., which is an excellent affordable self-learning engraving tool.
Note: The machine does not come with a laser module. If necessary, you can purchase our modules to make the engraving machine more efficient.
CNC 3018 Router Machine
Large Working Area
Excellent Motor
Upgraded Control Board
Sturdy Material

Model: VG-S3018 Pro
Effective Working Area(X x Y x Z): 11.8 x 7.1 x 1.8 inch / 300 x 180 x 45 mm
Materials: Aluminum Profile & Bakelite
Input Power: DC 24V 5A
Driving Units: Stainless Steel Screws
Spindle Speed: 10000 rpm
Stepping Motor: 12V; Torque: 0.25 N/m
Control Software: GRBL Control
Positioning Accuracy: 0.003” / 0.08 mm
Item Dimension: 17.7 x 14.4 x 10.9 inch/ 45.1 x 36.6 x 27.6 cm

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