Vevor Chainsaw Mill

Vevor Chainsaw Mill

VEVOR Chainsaw Mill 36” Inch Planking Milling Bar 14” To 36” W/ Rail Guide Ladder Sets
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36” Chainsaw mill + 106” Milling Rail Guide Ladder Sets
This kit includes two connector kits, chainsaw mill and mill guide system that are used together with chain saw for log wood chip cutting. The versatile, heavy-duty chainsaw lumber mill suits up to a 36” (90cm) bar and accurately cuts planks and beams up to 1/2” to 13” deep. The rail system can be in combination with the saw mill, creates a straight and level first cut along a log. A perfect for homeowners, woodworkers, arborists and sawyers.

Bar Size Suit: 36’’/90cm
Capable Size Range: 14’’ to 36’’ (36cm to 90cm)
Cut Thickness: 1/2” to 13”
Chainsaw Mill Weight: 18 Lbs(8.2 kg)
Mill Guide Weight: 8.41 kg (18.5 lbs)

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