VEVOR BBQ Island/ Outdoor Kitchen Stainless Steel Single Access Drawer

VEVOR BBQ Island/ Outdoor Kitchen Stainless Steel Single Access Drawer

Features & Details
【 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】- The outdoor kitchen drawer is made of food-grade stainless steel, makes it has excellent hardness and not easily eroded, durable and sturdy to use. Also hard enough to contain kitchen tools in different materials.
【LARGE CAPACITY】- Our outdoor kitchen drawer stainless steel is designed storage space, ensuring abundant space and dry storage for your kitchen essentials
【BOX FRAME DESIGN】- The stainless steel drawer for outdoor kitchens is designed for box frame style with a fully enclosed box, effectively prevents the insides from rain, wind, dust, and insect.
【SMOOTH SLIDING RAILS】-The BBQ drawer stainless steel is equipped with smooth sliding rails, mounted on both sides, which facilitates the smooth roll-in and roll-out of the door, without obstacles.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- Processed by the latest brushed finish technologies, the BBQ island drawer is a clean, elegant addition to any outdoor cooking area, especially for the outdoor kitchen and BBQ island.

Key Features

Durable Material
The stainless steel drawer is made of high-quality stainless steel, it can be cleaned up well with no marks or smudges left, one-piece frame construction for durability.
Large Storage Space
Our storage space in a weather-sealed box, able to contain more kitchen tools, and offers convenient storage opportunities.

Enclosed Drawer
Completely enclosed construction with durability and rigidity, door closely according to the main body. Effectively prevents the insides from rain, wind, and dust.
Smooth Sliding Rails
The pull-out tray connected to the main body by the sturdy sliding rails which ensure easy opening and closing of the door with no noise.
Exquisite Handle
Solid stainless steel handle attached for easy opening of the door. It allows for convenient and easy use. Also boasts a long life span and is easy to keep clean.
Widely Used
It can be used in any weather condition, no matter rain or shine. Widely used in the outdoor kitchen, such as tableware, into the cabinet, lockers.
Outdoor Kitchen Drawer
Premium outdoor kitchen drawer with single storage space, able to contain more kitchen tools. Made of stainless steel, it is durable and sturdy for long time use. Also anti-corrosion and easy to clean. With the fully enclosed box, it can effectively prevent the insides from rain, wind, dust, and insect. Perfect for the outdoor kitchen and BBQ island to use.
Material: Food-grade Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Type: single
Package Content
1 x Single drawer

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