VEVOR 32″ Motorized Tv Lift Mount Bracket

VEVOR 32" Motorized Tv Lift Mount Bracket

VEVOR 32” Motorized Tv Lift Mount Bracket
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Motorized TV Lift Bracket
Are you searching for a new way to lift/down your TV? Our upgraded electric TV lift stand flexibly control the lift or down in 2 ways: wireless remote control or wire-connected hand controller. It was mounted on the wall or ground, compatible with various TV types.
Auto Lift/Down Height
Compatible TV Sizes
Aluminum Alloy Structure
Easy Installation

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Compatible TV Size: Max. 60”/152 cm
Height Adjustable Range: 42.3”-73.8” / 107.4-187.4 cm
Lifting Speed: 3/5’’/15 mm/s
Length: 28.7’’/73 cm
Stroke Length: 31.5” / 800 mm
Load Capacity: 132 lbs
Color: Black

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