Vevor 18″ Surface Cleaner Pressure Cleaner

Vevor 18" Surface Cleaner Pressure Cleaner

✨ Premium Surface Cleaner with Wheels 2022✨

✅【ROTARY NOZZLE & BRISTLE】- The heavy-duty housing is equipped with two rotary spray nozzles with a 25 degrees spray angle, removing dirt and grime from surfaces with ease. Tough bristles give efficient cleaning and control over-spray while you operate it.
✅【FLEXIBLE & STABLE CASTER】- The pressure surface cleaner features four 360° rotating rubber casters for comfortable use and quick movement. It is available to clean the horizontal surface.
✅【1/4” QUICK CONNECTERS】- The pressure washing surface cleaner contains a hose and twin rotary arm with two 1/4” quick connectors for easy assembly. The maximum temperature reaches up to 210 °F, making it ideal for cold and hot water applications.
✅【DIVERSE USE SCENARIOS】- The gas pressure washer does a great cleaning job for your places. It is practical for garden paths, patios, pool decks, parking lots, garage floors, and driveways.

🔥🔥Various Application
👍👍 Easy to Operate
🎉🎉 High-degree Cleaning
💡💡Smooth Rubber Caster

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Max. Working Pressure: 4000 PSI
Max. Flow: 4 GPM
Min. Working Pressure: 1250 PSI
Min. Flow: 2 GPM
Maximum Temperature: 210 °F/99 °C
Product Size: 6 x 18”/15 x 45 cm
Product Weight: 16.5 lbs/7.5 kg

Package Content
1 x Surface Cleaner
2 x 1/4” Quick Connector
1 x Twin Rotary Arm
1 x Hose
1 x Teflon Tape
1 x Screw Kit

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